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Thread: Sako Quad Extractor claw modification

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    Sako Quad Extractor claw modification

    Those who have one will recognise a well documented problem that sometimes affects unloading live/unfired .22lr rounds. (for some reason not .17M2, I think due to nin waxy tapered rounds that dont touch the lands)

    It comes down to the claw being designed for both small rimmed .22lr/.17M2 rounds AND slightly larger rimmed .22WMR/.17HMR rounds.

    With the .22lr barrel the head of the claw interferes with the slot on the breech face and can restrict the depth that the claw can extend under the rim.
    If the chamber is sticky, bullet touches the lands or round is slightly oversized/dirty it can be left in the chamber and the bolt just cycles ineffectively.

    In all honesty it was never a problem with mine, I put it down to keeping chamber clean of wax and using less waxy rounds.
    Then it started whilst lamping the other week using CCI segmented rounds. They arent too waxy but they do show some signs of a coating or corrosion that is obviously a bit sticky.

    I had read about the claw modification but did a quick refresh and thought I would post a clearer picture of before and after and show how simple it really is.

    2mins with a needle file or sand paper to remove some metal from the forward/inner most corner of the claw as shown.
    It now cycles any old waxy, sticky rounds without issue. (does both case lengths just to confirm!)

    The old profile of the claw viewed from the underside is shown (exaggerated) in red. You are smoothing off less than 1mm of material.

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    just edited this as I had one particularly sticky CCI segmented round that evaded the claw.
    I shaved a tiny amount (barely visible) off the inside of the claw, the red dot just at the tip on the picture, and it sorted it!

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    Thanks for the info, I have been having this problem for a couple of weeks now since I put the 22LR barrel back on. It's been driving me nuts tonight whilst out chasing the bunnies, every 3rd or 4th shot required me to get the pen knife out to remove the empty case.

    I was searching for a replacement extractor when your post popped up on Google!

    A pat on the back is often just a recce for the knife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mel View Post
    I was searching for a replacement extractor when your post popped up on Google!

    Just to keep these type of mods together here is the same mod for the CZ rimfires.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    now I didnt know the CZ suffered from the same problem!
    Ha, that will shut up all the people telling me I "should have bought a CZ!"

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    I also had this problem particularly with unfired CCI segmented rounds, it was also a slight problem chambering the round.
    Note that the Sako has no prob ejecting fired cases.
    So rather than blaming the extracter alone the root of the problem is caused by the sako short tight 'match' type chamber.You are treating the symptom not the cause with this mod IMO.
    I got a reamer and extended the chamber slightly to suit the longer CCI round so that it isn't forced into the lands problem solved.
    Since I did this no more problems and you don't have to force the bolt shut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    now I didnt know the CZ suffered from the same problem!
    Ha, that will shut up all the people telling me I "should have bought a CZ!"
    The CZ will suffer if the chamber is gummed up, but mainly it is ejecting unfired rounds that cause the problem.
    Most CCI rounds seem hard to chamber, if you actually get one to extract you will find it had engauged the rifling and needs a good pul to get it out.


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    yes that seems to happen in the sako to (the rifling engagement bit I mean)

    GMK told me that was what made them more accurate than .22lr rifles with a throat

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    I took the Quad down the range armed with some files ready to make adjustments. 50 rounds of normal velocity 22lr SK non hollow point went through it without a glitch, seems to be only the sub-sonic SK hollow point stuff that causes me the problem. I have now got hold of some other makes of high velocity hollow points and will see if the problem persists.

    CCI segmented - a chap mentioned that he couldn't open the bolt again with that stuff from his CZ and had to fire the round off first (he doesn't use it anymore). I couldn't even get it to feed in the Ruger 10/22 so never tried it in the Quad.
    A pat on the back is often just a recce for the knife.

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    CCI segmented are shocking, they would never work in a semi, I have to push the bolt in with my thumb on the back to close!

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