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Thread: One for 6pointer

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    One for 6pointer

    Shot this one this morning, decent animals are in FC forests. Contrary to your beliefs


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    Nice wee buck and i hope you have left beter in the wood lol . I have compared over the last few years the weights of my beasts and the ones shot in the lamp by Contrators and there is no real comparison. There is the odd big lad on heavely shot ground but nothing to right home about. But like has been said before in some areas i shoot every thing i see but i would not have the cheek to call it managment.
    ps i would have shot him in my areas also they need to be special to get left.

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    And you have the cheek to call the FC for apparantly shooting eveything Double standards me thinks

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    Not at all Allan you see if i need to shoot an area hard for protection i do and if the area dose not need protected eg Mature trees i don't. That cannot be said about the FC they shoot every thing they see because its bonus work. Now if you are going to manage the ground for the benefit of the public and the animals and plant life you need to take all into consideration and that is not what is happening. For me if i can manage an area i will soon as it is identified as a not at risk area. Double standards you call it i call it being flexible and being able to react to a situation.
    I was hoping you would have commented on the real quality of live deer in the pictures showing a real desire for deer welfare.

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    They are good looking deer, the ground they are on is good ground feeding wise. Forestry ground is usually hill ground with little good feeding. Good feeding = good body weights. Who gets a bonus for the number of deer they shoot? I don't.
    Ps who is Allan? guessing again and getting it wrong!!


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    Thats a nice buck for a Argyll

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    Nice buck ranger......bucket of a body though
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    It looks better when it's up the right way............


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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    Nice buck ranger......bucket of a body though
    It needs to be like that cause of our wet weather here in the West!
    Last edited by Ranger22; 03-05-2012 at 03:39. Reason: mistake

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    lovely head, the classic six pointer.

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