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Thread: helicopter coyote hunting

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    helicopter coyote hunting

    Regardless of the ethics of it or your opinions on the task at hand, the video demonstrates some unbelievable shooting!

    Despite travelling faster that the target the shooters are routinely taking running coyotes with one shot at well over 100yds...from a moving helicopter!

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    undoubtedly skilful shooting, undoubtedly a lot of badly wounded animals as even if you hit them, you surely cannot ensure ethical shot placement.

    I guess one must ask themselves whether ethical shot placement matters if it's considered vermin? I think it does but that's just me.

    fun to watch, ,,expensive hunting trip mind!

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    Have a look at this one.

    Respect for the marksmanship, especially the last 5 out of 5 shots

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    i wonder what he is using in that shotgun ? Fair play that music is bad

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    There are thousands and I mean THOUSANDS of animals shot from choppers every year down here,camels,pigs,horses,dogs,goats,donkeys etc etc.Last camel cull was for 3500 from memory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teyhan1 View Post
    Have a look at this one.

    Respect for the marksmanship, especially the last 5 out of 5 shots
    Like a video game, awesome!

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    Whatever you think about the ethics, this is a seriously efficient way to get deer out of some really rough looking terrain... Neck shots with 223 apparently... skilled pilot too...

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