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Thread: Not another newbie

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    Not another newbie

    Hi, quick intro. Been lurking for a while trying to get as much info into how to start in this sport.

    Do a fair bit of clay shooting and when season starts onto the game.

    Planning on visiting mike at carlton moor in the next couple of weeks to see if i can go from there, or can anybody give me any advise???
    secondly, how do you all hide it from swmbo, she complaines at the amount of days i spend shooting at the moment!!!

    thanks Simon.

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    Welcome, and as for swmbo, its all come down to training, training and.......lying?.......that or be single!

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    I find that lying works well and also agreeing to take her dog out while i take a walk with the shotgun

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    Welcome to the site, the trick is you need to include her in the stalking, let her cook it

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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