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Thread: thoughts on this scenario

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    thoughts on this scenario

    this has been on my mind for a while. I do quite a bit of culling on the hill and am learning more every year about picking the right cull beasts, etc. but of course, it's a lifetime learning thing, so there will always be new situations that crop up.

    last year/season, I stalked in on a group of young stags, what looked like about 10 cast out yearlings ie. just passed their 2nd birthday, but the size and fur was more like proper yearlings (1.5 years old max) and weighing in about 25-40kgs each, some a bit more. they were all knobbers too.

    this was the stag season superceeding the very harsh winter we had, do you think it was a large group of orphaned yearlings whose mothers and potential calves died that winter? and they 'would' normally have been with their hinds at that point? or! would you say they were 2.5 yr olds that were just terrible quality and all cull stags/knobbers?

    I went for the side that said these young knobbers in a large group, poor weight, and in Oct. were either orphaned or were just really poor 2.5 yr olds, so I culled half of them (the weakest). hopefully I made the right decision, but I can live with it if it wasn't the right thing.

    now it's just come back to my mind so wanted to ask the forum

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    God knows ,but i would think your instincts were possibly right you'll know the look of your beasts best.
    I dont often see bachelor groups all the same age unless some one has been culling hinds in a hill park where the previous seasons calves have not crossed the fence with their mothers, hence they get orphaned and tend to stick together in an age cohort And can often perish together just standing about . Most cast out males quickly adopt into a group of slightly older stags initially shadowing them until accepted . I rarely see cast out staggies with the real big boys but that may just be my ground.

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