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Thread: A Nice Surprise

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    A Nice Surprise

    I got a nice surprise in the post yesterday of the measurements for my Javan Rusa Stag that i shot in Maurituis last year from the Safari Club International.Click image for larger version. 

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    Very chuffed to say the least, as it is ranked Number One.

    I had done a write up on it in Articles and Write ups (but don't know how to put a link to it, if you go on to search and put in Rusa Stag in Maurituis, i'm sure it will come up) for anyone interested

    Just waiting on it coming back from the Taxidermist now.


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    Great news Laurie. Pride of place now in your trophy room....

    Heres the link mate .

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxhunter View Post
    Great news Laurie. Pride of place now in your trophy room....

    Heres the link mate .
    Cheers mate.

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    Well done Moose

    Are you going back again this year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conor1 View Post
    Well done Moose

    Are you going back again this year?
    Thanks Conor, we had a great holiday, but been there done that, not saying i wouldn't go again in the future, what about you?


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    Like you, been there, did it, read the book etc!

    I was investigating Balearen Boc hunting in Mallorca but at Eur 6500 for a gold medal with certificate, I don`t think so! Even for feral goats, they are looking at Eur 650 ahead. I am also checking out some Ibex not too far from Malaga but nothing firm yet.

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    Well done indeed!

    I remember reading the original thread and it really was a cracking beast, and of course shot with a Blaser .

    Who'd have thought there was stalking like that in Mauritius.

    Did you ever post any photos of the finished shoulder mount?

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Hopefully getting it from the Mauritian taxidermist this month, but havent heard from the shipping company yet, going to be pushing for it now!!

    Will put up some picks when I get it.


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