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    sporting gun article

    hi guys, some of you will have read the write up on a 3 days of stalking me and my mate jonny did with roestalker (john snowdon) of this site. anyway he said to buy junes copy of sporting gun out on 1st of may as there could be something of interest in it. just picked my copy up (2) lol and john as done a write up on mine and jonnys time with john, even got our picture in it, i,m the good looking one on left, jonnys knuckle dragger on right!!! well i,m chuffed to death got my 3 and 4 deer and my 1st bucks and i,ve made one of the big cheers john, stav and jonny.
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    Congratulations. My copy has sat upstairs for 2 or 3 days now but haven't got round to reading it yet. Will get my backside in gear tonight now!

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