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Thread: Roe buck, muntjac or CWD close to London

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    Roe buck, muntjac or CWD close to London

    Good evening everyone.

    Last weekend I went on my first two stalks in West Sussex after roe bucks, having passed my DSC 1 in February. Due mostly to the awful weather, they were unsuccessful, so I'm looking for further opportunities to try and shoot my first deer by October at the latest, as I'm expecting a baby in November, so deerstalking will be kicked into touch for a while.

    I realise that most of the stalking is booked up by now, but should anyone within a couple of hours or so of London suddenly have a cancellation or still have some openings, I'd be glad of the opportunity. I don't yet have an FAC so need to borrow an estate rifle.

    Below are details of my availability:
    Saturday 12th/Sunday 13th May
    Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th June
    Saturday 23rd/Sunday 24th June
    Saturday 30th June/Sunday 1st July

    Then after the 21st July, I currently have no plans until the end of the roe buck open season, after which the baby should arrive so I'll be lost to the world for a bit.

    If you could please PM me with any openings, prices, locations etc, I'd be very grateful.


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    I sent you apm today, not sure if you will get it. try to pm me.

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    You should have a pm now

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    Try muntjac mate, I've stalked several times with him, very good set up. 45 mins from central London. He will be starting on the Muntjac in October

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    Hi, I'm curious as to why YOUR having a baby, I always thought that was the Mrs job. But I guess times change.

    Anyway, joking apart drop me a p.m. with your number and I'll do you a deal. Stalking is near Reading.

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    Perhaps I should have said "anticipating the delivery of a baby"? I'm new to this, I need to work on the syntax. Anyway, pm sent, and thanks!

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