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Thread: Scope body scratch.

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    Scope body scratch.

    Hi guys. Just a quick question. There is a tiny scratch to the body/tube of my scope. Like a little paint nick. Do I need to treat it or do anything about it? Not sure how it happened either! Thanks, Tim.

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    What scope is it and where is the scratch?

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    Hi, its a Swarovski PV scope. The scratch is on the tube near the rear mount. Like a little pin scratch. Tim.

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    Ah!...The 1st scratch is the deepest!...Like a new car when you get the 1st, Its the end of the world then more come and you just think Oh balls to it...Just rub a black crayon into the scratch or some boot polish and wipe over it

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    permanent marker [black] should do it

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    permanent marker [black] should do it
    mines was covered in it so sprayed it green
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    Ha! brilliant guys. thought I was being a bit over the top too! Does it have to be waterproof marker? only messing. Will put some pics up after to show my handy work!!!!! T

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