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Thread: The British Shooting Show‏

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    The British Shooting Show‏

    My first visit today, traffic queues due to poor arrangements on site, arriving at 10.30 and finding people already leaving did surprise! Foul mouthed security guards in entrance hall, was I going to enjoy this show?

    I spent 2 hours on site, many of the big names were there, but compared to the Midland or the CLA the credit card didnít suffer, in fact a couple of items I intended to buy I couldnít find. Based on number of visitors it was a success, was it successful enough for the trade to allow the show to prosper in the future. I will give it a year or two to develop before returning.

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    I think at lot of those leaving were those that hadn't already turned round and gone home because of the disgraceful traffic queues! Or that they saw the queues to actually get inside and also wrote it off.

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    shopping show

    Had a few decent rifle related stalls but could do the whole thing in 2 hours and little to actually entertain. I'm sure it will be classed a success cos attendance very impressive. Think it will come good over the years.

    Nowhere near as bad as the inaugral harewood show last year

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    I arrived and was parked at ten to ten, having queued on the A46 for about ten minutes, and no problems on the site marshaled to park opposite the elephants. Stayed about three and half hours, then drove straight out.
    Thought it was ok was bought some bino's and treated myself to a dummy for the dog and a moderator cover. Had a good day.

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