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Thread: thanks atom!!!!!!!

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    thanks atom!!!!!!!

    just a quick post about a very enjoyable weekend i had stalking with atom,first i seen a medal roe cracking buck but couldnt get a shot,the next morn up early seen 3 fallow bucks guess who missed 1 ( yes me!) then we headed south to the next stalking ground
    seen a nice muntjac buck but couldnt get a shot then seen 4 cwd watching a class buck 120 yadrs (couldnt shoot not in season) then a noticed a fox following the buck,the fox then jumped a drain then started trotting towards me! bang it fell to 150 grain of 308
    no deer shot but seen 4 differant species of deer in 2 days!!!!
    thankyou very much atom (tony) for a cracking weekend you will have to get yourself north of the border when the weather clears up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Enjoyed your company tim shame about the buck have seen the roe buck again was up north with a mate at wend shot a cracking roe buck saw loads had four in total catch up soon I will save you that chinky cheers

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