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Thread: Selling/buying a Sound mod

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    Selling/buying a Sound mod

    Sorry if this a silly question and maybe i should legally know the answer but I dont.

    I own an ASE Northstar mod for my .243, if I want to buy a new mod (a Spartan) for this rifle and sell the the old mod does it all have to go through a RFD and he alters my certificate?
    Or lets say I buy a new mod for my .243 but no one want's to buy my Northstar how does this work can you just get the new mod added to my Certificate?

    Help please.

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    Moderators are no different really to firearms. If you want to buy a new moderator you will need to have a space on your certificate, so it will probably involve an application for variation all be it a one for one. Your RFD does not alter certificates it is your firearms department of the constabulary that issued your certificate. The only thing that the RFD does is enter details of sales to you on your certificate and then informs the police of the sale. If you sell your existing moderator privately don't forget to enter the detailers on the buyers certificate and don't forget to inform the police of the sale.
    If no one wants to buy your Northstar you always have the option of surrendering it to either the police or an RFD so as to open up a space on your certificate that you could apply for by 1-4-1.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    You do not need an FAC to buy a moderator as they are not a controlled item until fitted to a section 1 weapon.

    You also don't need a one for one variation to sell one mod and buy another.

    No wonder some FLD's are so slow if people are applying for one for one variations to sell,

    Moderator no make no serial no

    And buy

    Moderator no make no serial no

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    Mr Lewis what you say is very much open to debate but if the moderator is on a certificate with details recorded play by the rules. Yes some RFDs will simply exchange if there are no markings on the moderator but if there are markings that have been recorded you need the correct details on your cert and not the details of another that was exchanged some time previously. The simple solution is to speak to the guy (RFD ?) that you want to buy from and ask how he sees it and then speak to the FEO if necessary.

    My own moderator does not show a serial number but it does clearly show a makers mark and it would be silly trying to pass a wildcat off for a Northstar for instance.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Correct !
    Mr. Lewis is wrong and may drop you in deep fertiliser as any device to diminish noise or flash is I believe classed as a firearm.
    A couple of months or so ago I gave my .222 and T8 moderator to a friend.
    I took in a clapped out .243 so he could get a one-for-one with the rifle and we did a variation for the moderator and paid the 26 fee.
    When his paperwork arrived a week ago it was minus the variation for the moderator. Fortunately he had retained the receipt for the 26 payment.
    We visited the Firearms Deptartment and produced his receipt and got him sorted there and then.

    If you have a friendly dealer and both moderators have no identification marks you may get away with it but I would be careful about this as it would not bode well if you were found out trying to buck the system.


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    I agree with Distinguished member. This is an area which we all need to be alert to, the very best way is to seek advice from your local Firearms dept, you will never be critisiced by them for asking, even if you think it is silly to do so, regretfully even some RFD's are not aware of the compliance of the FA Act. Better to ask rather than find yourself arrested, convicted of an avoidable fireams offence.

    This forum is here to help everyone, no one knows everything about everything, it's just some people think they do, remember advice is only that..... it is the individual who suffers the consequences of bad advice!!!. My approach ask the people who enforce the law ( Firearms Dept) if possible get them to reduce their advice to you in writing. This will be of invaluable assistance if it comes to revocation, or to an unwelcome visit by your local POlice Officer

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    I think Mr Lewis is correct, you can own a moddy persay but the only time to worry about it is when its on a firearm.

    Eg you could have a Parker Hale moddy on an air rifle .22, no an issue but then fit it to a .22lr and problems begin.

    Anothe example, my .177 daystate has a Logun silencer on it. Fine when it was sub12 ftlb, now its FAC its on my ticket.

    The law is a complete and utter shambles.

    Both my Wildcat Predators are proofed on the removable sleave, and I could interchange them between my .223 and .243. Tech that would be ilegal but its a complete load of B*******t.

    My .22 Parker Hale has no proof marks at all, brings into question the need to be proofed at all !

    Might be a fitting topic for a test legal case.


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    Cyres most of what you say is correct and has been debated on this forum numerous times previously hence my comment about being subject to debate. Depending on the conditions on your certificate you may be right and you may be wrong in regard to your two Wildcat moderators? In my case I only have one centrefire Wildcat moderator that can be used on two rifles of different calibres using the correct thread adapter. This however is properly covered by the conditions on my certificate.
    As you say the law on moderators is totally confused or should that be confusing but I for one wouldn't want to have to go to the cost of a test case to resolve it. In fact from previous experience I have generally found that cases tested in the courts don't generally resolve issues, more often than not they will add extra confusion.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    you cannot buy anything firearms wise unless you have an OPEN slot for it.
    That is to say an entry that says "authorised to purchase"

    just because you sold one, does not allow you to purchase another one without the one for one variation.

    No RFD I know will sell you a rifle in say .308 just because you had one and sold it and would now like a shiney new one.

    You need the "authorised to purchase" entry.

    Air and rimfire moderators are a minefeild and the whole "off ticket" debate could go on for days.
    The OP's centrefire is "on ticket" so not worth debating

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    First hand so no bull. I sold my t8 only to be told tough, you have space for the aquisition of one mod. You have used it. It is irrelivent that the space has been cleared. If you want to purchase another you send us 26 for a variation. My cert was returned without the space. I had three, sold two but when the cert was updated to insert the .223 it came back with only one mod. Jim

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