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Thread: Stones 2nd dog day

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    Stones 2nd dog day

    It was a most informative and pleasurable day, good demonstrations, good company and good food l for one came away much more confident in finishing the training of my mut, excellent stuff .

    Thanks Rich and everyone else involved it was a great day.

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    Thank you all for a really great day
    Informative,relaxed and marvellous company.
    To all involved with the day THANK YOU

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    A few pics from the deer dog day. Myself & Rosie really enjoyed ourselves, (she's spark out asleep under my desk now) thanks to all involved & all who attended, a great friendly bunch.


    Rich & Sika demonstrate high tower work

    I aint going up there chap, no way, no how!

    looks like the tea was most welcome, thanks Sylvia

    Bad deer down! Muddy demonstrating shot placement

    Go on then off you go!

    Its behind you!

    A quick prayer never went amiss or......... bugger me look at all that fire-power, I'm hiding round this corner till he's gone!

    This might hurt a bit!

    The Teckel ready for the off! Its first blood trail & it did brilliantly

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    To Richard and all those involved in the organisation of the Deer Dog day yesterday, sincere thanks for what was an excellent day. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone from the site, the instruction, the craic, the great food and the great company. I learnt a lot from the day, both in terms of dogs for deer as well as stalking in general.

    The whole day was a testament to the friendliness and helpfulness of the Stalking Directory site - well done again.

    Chris, great photos, but shame you didn't get one of Muddy showing the Texas Heart Shot


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    A well organised, informative, and enjoyable day. Many thanks to everyone who put in all the hard work to make it happen...your efforts are most appreciated.

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    cant put it better than willie gunn allready has
    so just to thank willie gunn for the lift up
    sylvia for the most welcome food
    richard for organising the event and his displays
    muddy for sharing his vast knowledge on his displays
    mark h for his excellent displays and patience a
    very professional presentation .
    everyone that attended to make an enjoyable friendly day
    learnt a great deal many thanks regards pete and teresa

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    thanks for a great day stone and to all involved,I'v posted on the general disscussion for all to see once again thanks and hopfully many more outings in the future


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    My dog was well sparked out as well kipped for england, thanks Richard , Muddy ,Mike , Mark h ,and not forgetting Poppins.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the day.
    Cheers Trapper
    (now with me feet up and a bottle or two of Merlot)

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    Thanks again Rich for a very imformative day and to all who helped. Great demonstrations and a whealth of knowledge we all have at our finger tips from those on this forum, all you need to do is type and somebody will have the answers.
    It was great to meet up with some of the site members and put faces to forum names.

    About the Texas Heart shot......... watch this space.

    Once again MANY THANKS.


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    Stone you have a PM


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