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Thread: Sling Swivels

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    Sling Swivels

    I'm looking for some QD sling swivels to go with a Heym takedown rifle I've recently bought.

    The standard offerings from Uncle Mikes etc. appear to be for 5/16" (8/9mm) studs and rattle around a fair bit on the 6mm studs fitted to the rifle.

    Anyone have a lead on a source for correctly sized swivels?

    Also searching for a decent slim(ish) quality leather sling. Most available locally that I've seen are either 'Cobra' style, made of neoprene or are really cheap leather crap.

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    I have a couple of good quality slim slings.
    PM me and I will send you some pics if interested

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    Just steer clear of the "Allen" branded QD swivels marketed by Bushwear. The pin that goes through the eye of the swivel bolt in the stock is apt to come out and dump your rifle muzzle first off your shoulder into the deck. This happened twice to me. After the first time I got a replacement pair from Bushwear (good customer service, replaced them straight away), and then the same thing happened with the replacements.
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    I don't think you'll find better quality than that produced by Price Western Leather although from a quick look at the website it doesn't it doesn't look as though do as varied a range as I remember. (Their suede lined slings used to be very nice) However, when I've spoken to them they have always been very helpful and may do a 'special' for you to meet your requirements. Going back to the olden days they did a special holster for me with a slightly narrower belt loop than their normal production runs.

    Good luck,


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    I have recently got a new .17HMR and by accident been given some Uncle Mikes QD Premier swivels 1400-2, I thought I was getting usual variety, but these are much chunkier and heavy duty. The more 'piddly' variety form Uncle Mikes have looked a bit precarious on my .308 with moderator and scope etc. and last year the screw turn kept unscrewing while out on serious stalks, leaving me checking it all the time that was very annoying. I thought I would dump my rifle etc. So now I have got another pair of these more chunky variety as they have a serious spring too hold it shut as well. They are more confidence inducing. I will try it out in the field. But I have wondered why there are so few and seemingly feeble sling swivels out there to hold such a lot of expensive and precise kit from hitting the deck?!?

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    Thanks to all for the replies - especially Brewsher for the offer of the slings. I'm soon to be sorted with exactly what I'm looking for via the following. I'll post the links in case anyone else is looking for similar stuff.

    AKAH in Germany now do websales - although it's a bit convoluted - and I can get a nice thin lined sling with leather covered buckles that is perfect for my needs:

    Attachment 15196
    Also picked up a nice WEGU rubber muzzle cover from them as well.

    I found that Recknagel do correctly sized QD swivels to fit 6mm wide Euro studs with both 20mm (Euro) & 25mm(US) loops. Alan Rhone import them, and although a fair bit more costly than the others on the market they will fit snugly and not rattle around.

    They also have a secure locking system that doesn't allow them to be opened unless they are folded at 90 degrees.

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    If its released by pressing the centre stud will it not come of whilst carrying it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    If its released by pressing the centre stud will it not come of whilst carrying it?
    if it is anyting like the quick release key ring I have it will not release whilst under tension, only when you release the weight from it can you push it in.
    just looks very neat.
    I dont like the Uncle Mikes ones myself, suffered first hand the screw coming undone and it opening and dumping my rifle, thankfully I managed to get my arm back and stop the fall ...mostly

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    Having had Uncle Mikes QD swivels open up and almost dump my rifle on two occasions, I have changed to the sliding pin type. IIRC they came with some Sako rifles many years ago. They consist of a yoke which fits each side of the stock mount and a captive pin which goes completely through the yoke and mount. I've no pictures, I'm afraid, but they are very secure but more expensive than the Uncle Mikes. What price peace of mind, though?.

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