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Thread: Advice please ..... newbie in need

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    Advice please ..... newbie in need


    I've been involved in shooting for some time (wildfowling, fox/pest control, etc) and recently decided to take the plunge, get my DSC 1 and start stalking.

    I've shot a few Munjac in Essex but am now seeking somewhere closer to home to stalk. I live in South Lanarkshire, Scotland so anywhere up to 100-150 miles would be fine.

    Hopefully i'll be able to join a synidicate next year so details of land available now and future membership oppertunities would be gratefully received.



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    Alrighty bud My advise is to forget syndicates as they are frought with many pit falls. Get a farmer onside and try to get the stalk/shooting permission from him! Have your pinks arrived yet? Ours have just dissapeared over the last week!!!


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    Marc its amazing where you bump into people , hope you get some offers.

    Billy T

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    Funny thing Nutty,

    Bloody great Panavia Tornado roared over the houe the other week. Followed shortly afterwards by a huge skein of geese. They'd obviously been scared off the loch a few miles away.

    Approx 5 mins later another Tornado roared overhead....i hope the 2nd aircraft didn't meet the geese.

    I'll phone you later to discuss th fowling.

    I have another book for you and it looks like we'll get access to make that range. I'll bring the book in on Tues.
    Almost bought another dog yesterday - lovely little cocker.


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    I've got a place on a small area "250 acres" just 20 miles north of Dumfries. I also have another 800 acres was thinking of combining the the two, there are at present 4 members, two from cheshire who make it up about 4 times a year and two from the north-east who make it over even less..
    Which makes the deer management a problem.
    if your interested PM me.


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