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Thread: Feral goat stalking in d&g

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    Feral goat stalking in d&g

    A friend is thinking of going feral goat stalking and has enquired at Forrest estate, d&g. Anyone know of the place? Any good?

    Cheers chris

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    Lots of goats showing there just now Chris , good chance it would be me that will take
    him out , its a cracking place
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    pm solway stalker he knows it, me and triv are going in feb 2013 mate for a week with the mutts long as the tips are good this coming season .its booked now anyway

    regards doug

    bugger me solway you beat me to the keyboard

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    Mike they aint that bad smell a bit like them old socks you wear well there again i do suppose they do pong a bit and there tasty to not the socks the goats (befor you all start)

    go out with Colin and he will put you right how are you Colin will give you a ring soon

    ATB Paul D

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    Good Paul mate Very busy on bucks at the moment with a bit of fishing when i have time
    Say Hi to the lads
    Doug have you booked some stalking at Forrest
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    colin could you pm me with availability on goats and what sort of costs involved as i have just sent my ticket back for them and really want one after seeing trevor and adams ,atb wayne ps you can pm if you like.
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    Mreside if you get the chance get up there Colin and John will look after you the forrest estate is a cracking place youll enjoy it

    will do Colin will try and get up with you before November will bell you

    Paul D

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    Colin, I have sent you a PM - very interested in goat stalking….Cheers, Ado

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