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    my mate is a left hander,he is thinking of getting a magnum long action remy and building a 300 win mag,does anybody know of a left hand action going cheap....?
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    Somebody on here must know of one.......!

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    Good luck. I looked for a long action to build my own lefty. I dont think it is worth it he may as well just buy one. Heym, Remington,Savage,Ruger,Sauer,Zoli all do them in 300 win mag
    Regards Steve

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    Yeah I know but seems a shame to break a new rifle to customise,waste of money really,at least a second hand one has had some use and loosened the bolt etc.

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    Has he thought of trying a ruger no 1 to solve the lefty problem.

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    I'm in same boat wanting another .300 win mag lefty so ive got a cheap old remmy 700 and I'm gonna have the face opened up and sako extractor fitted, Dave at Valkrie rifles is gonna sort it

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    Don't know whether or not you are sorted yet but there is this on guntrader although not what I would call cheap

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    Could have my Sako AV in 270 for 450


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