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Thread: friends mooching land (again)

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    friends mooching land (again)

    my friend of 10 years has just informed me that he will be going onto MY permission on sunday morning, , if he had asked me to go with him i would have no problem with it , , he has no permission to be there and has never been there without me

    what do i do that doesnt lose me a pal ?

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    Put him in the picture. He's no pal if he thinks he can take the p!ss.

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    WOW, Thats just as bad as finding out he's been knobbing your wife. Infact it worse!!!! Tell him he's out of order.....

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    Armed tresspass?

    Just be honest with him mate, he must know where the land lies(so to speak) regaurding WHO has the permission


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    ive sent him a text saying he shouldnt really be on without me , so i am coming ,,, i hope thats not too harsh

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    Put the shoe on the other foot because me and my mate shoot each others ground all the time we go were we want.But if you have no arrangment in place tell him how you feel i am sure he will understand
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    not cricket really i wouldnt stalk my buddies permission UNLESS he told me it was ok and he wouldnt mine, not something we have discussed just wouldnt !!!

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    Tell him straight he should not be there as he is not named on the permission,,and sorry but you can`t make it this weekend.

    Don`t be nasty, just be straight and let him know. He might be assuming you don`t mind ,in which case he is not really taking the piss, just mistaken

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    ive been to pick him up before , and standing waiting are him his 2 kids and his kids 2 pals ,,,,ive put my foot down and said its not a f king school trip ,,,

    i just dont want him upsetting the landower thus looking bad on me

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    simple answer tell him you told the farmer that your mate was going out sunday morning and he wants you with him or he will be tresspassing put your friend in the picture that you and only you have permission to shoot the land and if he wishes to go out on it you have to be there that way he will think twice before crossing you and the farmer atb stu

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