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Thread: Has anybody got experience of this dog breeder

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    Has anybody got experience of this dog breeder

    As the post says. Anybody had one of her pups? German lady, spoken to her but think we got off on the wrong foot. But then I'm looking to buy a pup, not a pup and it's breeder, so not to worried about her.

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    What breeder ? no mention in the post

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    i know her , shes a good old stick . She is a bit fusy about who has pups , she likes someone to be at home rather than a pup being left alone all day , cant blame her . She likes a bit of stalking if you ask her , so thats one way to get round her . My mate has one of her dogs and i cant fault the dog its first class , his mrs sends the ol gal pictures of the dog dressed up and they all get on great .Id have a pup off her , its worth a bit of hassle

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