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Thread: Two Metal High Seats For Sale

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    Two Metal High Seats For Sale

    Guys, I have for sale two single man box steel lean to metal high seats. They are approx 12 feet high and have an estate rail. They are fitted with a plastic office chair for comfort. They are in good but used condition. They cost me 100 each when new. I would consider a swop for stalking. I am in Doncaster and could deliver within a reasonable distance. Please pm me your email adress and i will send you a couple of pictures of them. Cheers Fallowmoor.

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    high seats

    You have a pm

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    If Tony wants both of them fine, if he only wants one then let me know and I'll see what I can sort for you stalking wise or money. If one is still free please pm me.
    Thanks Andy

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    High Seets

    Now both Sold. Thanks guys. Fallowmoor.

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