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Thread: Breakfast run

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    Breakfast run

    This wee beastie was in my back garden this morning at 8 O' clock, sorry it's a bit wobbly but it was all a bit rushed

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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    Nice footage, even if a little shaky! Looks like it is just going to moult with the nose end looking like it has started!

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    Thanks - never seen one in the wild yet.


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    Well done John, nice filming. Ps i thought it was a mink

    ATB Wallace

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    Never seen one in the wild, hopefully one day.

    Thanks for posting
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    Great video, one of my permissions is full of these wee buggers. It is quite funny watching how animated they can be while looking for food. Need to get the video out myself I think!!

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    Nice one John - - I enjoyed that. Last one I saw here in the Carse of Ardersier was a couple of years ago while out with our Flying Fisherman. We do have a very healthy Red Squirrel population so I'm a bit surprised there's not more of them. Nice to see on a rare occasion - - quite glad we're not overun with them though - - they are vicious little bug*ers !


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