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Thread: Applying for a centerfire for recreational staling.

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    Applying for a centerfire for recreational staling.

    As per title really. Can I apply for a varation for a deer legal claliber, if I don't have my own land to shoot over? What if I'm just a 'pay per day' stalker? I'm only intrested in stalking bucks, so no managing my own deer heard stuff, but I would like my own rifle to do so. I don't wan't to keep borrowing estate rifles when I go out, and I would rather shoot by myself. I don't like paying 30 a time either, just to use a rifle. Best just to get my own in my opinion. It might be cheaper in the long run.

    Thanks guys

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    Own rilfe


    You need to demonstrate a genuine need for the rifle.

    For example - large calibre safari rifles, they ask that you provide proof of holidays / bookings - because they know you aren't shooting Cape Buffalo in Surrey - so it would be the same for your smaller calibre deer rifle.

    Have a word with your FLO, im sure he'll say the same, just provide him with proof of the need - ie, stalking holiday confirmations - and you should be fine.


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    stalking rifle

    I,ve just applied for my ticket , got my inspection on thursday
    i had to show good reason so have booked a stalk with BASC
    they seem OK with this as proof. see how i get on thursday

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    I think its is depands on a number of factors in your case is the simple answer:

    Firstly it would depend on level of experiance with a centerfire, the Licensing office & how they view your case.

    Pretty much all of the time they want to see a land authority & slap a supervisory condition on you in my own experiance down here in Hampshire, for this reason just going out un accompanied at first would be out of the question from a licensing point of view in my neck of the woods anyway.

    I guess if you are experianced, could prove use of HV rifles in the past & any outing bookings then you may have a case with a strong wind behind you & a friendly licensing officer.

    The other factor is that many pay as you go kind of stalking setups would not let you out un accompanied unless they knew you already in my experiance.

    Good Luck Lee

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    I would get a letter from whomever you go stalking with to the effect that you have stalked with them as a client over the last few years a few times per season. Get them to give details of the land over which they hold the stalking rights and the the calibre of rifle they prefer to see used - ie the one that you are wanting.

    When I got my first Firearms licence with the Tahmes Valley force this is what I did after I had been stalking several times in Scotland using the estate rifle.

    Most good estates should n't have a problem with doing this, although a bottle of Malt does help and booking a couple of days for the next season always helps!

    I have alsways found the FLO's very helpful and knowledgeable, but quite rightly want to ensure that those who have rifles are safe and sensible with them.

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    Never lie, always tell the truth.

    But if you can recount the stalking that you have had, and where, and say that you actually aren't happy to pay a 30 hire charge then, yes, I don't think it should be any problem. Indeed quite reasonable.

    You have had stalking, you've more booked, and that is "good reason" along with your wish not to pay rifle hire charges.

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    having delt with clients with your situation i would say it all depends on your firearms officer.

    if you have one like mine who does not shoot and i had to show him a 6.5x55 round looked like , then get every last bit of proof you can lay your hands on references booking details the lot .
    its a pain i know but needs must .....
    hope this helps and good luck !!

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    Have a look at section 13.10 of the home office guidelines.

    This is what your FLO should be going by so don't be afraid to mention them to him.

    All you require is a booking through a guide, you don't need any of your own land.


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    Hi, sorry it took so long to get back. So, if I did get my own FAC, would I still need a guide on a payed stalk?

    Cheers guys

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    I am sure your FAO will not give you any form of open ticket, you will have to have named people on the ticket who you stalk with. I went through this with Hampshire. I had four or five names on my ticket. every time I booked with someone new I had to ask for them to be added to the ticket. cant see you would be let loose on your own.
    Its a real pain but I couldnt get around it. Of course it is then illegal for you to go out with a named stalker and be left on your own

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