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Thread: Shropshire BDS DSC Lvl 1/results time

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    Shropshire BDS DSC Lvl 1/results time

    Hi there Guys really don't get to come on here to post very much but anyways...

    I've just enrolled for my DSC level one with the Brtish Deer Society In Shrewsbury, Shropshire at the 4-7th June. Rang them up, sent the money and application so hopefully that won't be long coming back to me Now Im just slightly concered about the time that the results take to get back to you after the week as I need the results back within a month ideally by about the 10th July! Would they be this quick coming through do you think, or are they like the police taking 12-20 months to renew firearms certificates?

    Thanks for any info given lad, much apreciated.


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    Have you got confirmation that you are on the course, as competition for DSC1 places can be fierce in some areas. If you have I would imagine 4-6 weeks should be about right for results. My only advice for the general written and WGMH papers are - read the question - read the question again - read it once more and then select your answer. Enjoy the course and hope all goes well for you.

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    As I say I spoke to them on the phone and there are plenty of spaces on the course, in fact they were asking if I knew more people that wanted to do the course on Monday morning. Thanks for the advice Oracle much appreciated mate!

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