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Thread: What a weekend

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    What a weekend

    Well what a weekend
    Saturday morning saw me rise from my bed full of the joys of spring well ok dragging my carcass out of my pit at 3.30 in preparation for the 45 minute drive to pick my guest up who was going to try for a mature roebuck.
    With the rain lashing down i knew it was never going to be an easy task to connect but despite the rain we managed to spot and stalk a couple of young bucks which had only recently shed their velvet so these were left in the hope of a more mature candidate.
    Alas it wasn’t going to be our day and despite a cracking stalk into a mature buck with the wind against us the result was a clean miss off the sticks and a white rump disappearing off into the distance
    The weather for the remainder of the evening and throughout the night reminded me of a mini hurricane with a bit of a typhoon thrown in for good measure it was awful to say the least with the rain relentless but at least it was an evening stalk today so fingers crossed the weather would improve.
    Reading a post by john robson on how his clients had cancelled due to the poor weather and how he was looking forward to a nice Sunday roast i was quietly hopping my guest would follow suit so i could avoid the inevitable drenching that was surely due to follow.
    So at precisely 11am i quickly answered the ringing phone only to discover it was a work colleague who had just had a tree come down outside his house and when he went to cut it up he was threatened with arrest by the police that were now in attendance on health and safety grounds.

    Giving him a number to try to get the tree removed so he could get his car out i returned to my coffee listening to the wind howling just outside the kitchen window glad in the knowledge i didn’t have to venture out until later.
    Not thirty minutes went by when the phone rang again was this the call i was hoping for but no it was another work coleage stating that a tree limb had come down and was totally blocking the road into the golf course and private house which i help maintain.

    Couple of quick calls had my guys heading into work looking forward to a spot of overtime despite the heavy rain and tricky conditions as what we thought was just a three foot diameter tree limb down soon multiplied into half a dozen trees and several branches down.
    The first problem i encountered arriving at the yard first was to see that yet another tree limb had come down with my works truck now hidden neatly underneath sporting two dented wings a bent bonnet and a smashed air intake cover (great start).
    Ten minutes later with the weather worsening we had managed to cut the van out and headed off to the job we had intended to do in the first place.
    There you go guys i do occasionally do the odd bit of work despite all the rumours to the contrary what with all the stalking i manage to fit in .

    This tree had uprooted but luckily as we took the crown and most of the trunk off it sat nicely back up straight into the hole from which it had come.

    Couple more

    By four oclock and soaked right threw i decided enough was enough as i had to now get ready for the drive to pick up my guest for the evening and speaking to my stalking partner he said i was more likely to see a unicorn than a roe buck (cheers mate lol).
    Arriving at our first destination we surprisingly quicklyspotting a couple of young bucks feeding along theside of a hedgerow but on closer inspection they turned out to be once again just cleaned but finnaly on last light we manged to grass a mature buck to round off the evening.

    Not a monster by any stretch but a good result on a awfull day none the less
    Sorry for the awful picture but it was taken in the dark with my phone with my torch between my teeth while it was once again lashing it down and i was ready for bed.

    Got my fingers crossed this weekend it will be a bit more spring like but hey look on the bright side we could be having a drought with a hosepipe ban

    This is the local river just before it burst its banks


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    Jon, Great read and congratulations on your roe buck after a very trying day, Very well done!

    All the very best


    Blimey, those Cedars caught it a bit, plenty of fire wood
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    Well done Jon, had a few windblown to clear myself on Monday, was meant to have a go at the sika in Dorset on Sunday but gave it a miss with the weather, well done for getting out there and grassing a buck


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    Welcome to my world! ie west coast of scotland. But must confess this week has been nothing but blue skies and little or no wind. But good going getting your boy his buck.

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    Bloody hell John,that was a weekend to remember wasn't it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by olivhar01 View Post
    Well done Jon, had a few windblown to clear myself on Monday, was meant to have a go at the sika in Dorset on Sunday but gave it a miss with the weather, well done for getting out there and grassing a buck

    Cal just finished off the clear up plenty of wood though to top up the log store

    This weekend was a bit more enjoyable and we ended up with this fella.


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    A couple of productive weekends in more ways than one Jon. Couple of nice looking bucksATBJonathon

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    Looks like you have been busy Jon! Nice buck there , nice pearling, well done mate


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