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Thread: Firearms experience

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    Firearms experience

    What experience should you have before being granted a firearms cert ! I would like to hear everyone's opinion before I tell a little story

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    I believe you should be schooled in the safe use of said firearm and have experience of shooting it/them in the environment you intend to use them.

    I was a divemaster a long time ago, we used to get really nervous about passing inept students who could then legitimately go out, rent SCUBA gear and go diving by themselves. They had to demonstrate that they would be safe by themselves before they passed.

    same principle applies

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    Are you asking what the forum thinks should be a level of competence before FAC grant or what the Home office guidance/ FLO's around the country believe your level of knowledge should be?
    Two totally different could you clarify which please.

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    Come on. Give us your story.
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    Safe Weapon Handling Certificate Level 1
    Only awarded after successfully completing a course including 2 days of safe weapon handling drills....

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    i had a shotgun ticket for 4 years before i applied for FAC , that was years ago . Long as you fill the forms in properly you dont need any priviouse experience , rightly or wrongly

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    I had never shot a rimfire when I was granted mine a few years ago. Was suggested I went out with someone with experience a few times but nothing to that effect on my cert.

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    level 1 is a really good eye opener, being in Scotland you can get a 200 ILA grant towards it if you earn up to 22k. I had shot airguns for years and at the local club before I got my first small bore target rifle. Then onto pistols and stalking calibres.

    Level 1 though, lets you know what's out there and how things work, appart from the getting the qualification you will meet other people and start networking and you might find buddies who will take you under their wing so to speak. We get a lot of people who have no experience and come along to get a better view of the big picture.

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    Firearms ownership for me has been a steady progression from being a teenager brought up on a farm getting my first air-rifle, then onto various shotguns for a number of years and eventually applying for FAC in my late thirties. My experience has come from going out shooting with other, more experienced people and gaining knowledge along the way. Official qualifications are a good thing to have and DSC1 is hard copy evidence to show the FEO but it simply can't compete with a lifetimes experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smudge262 View Post
    What experience should you have before being granted a firearms cert ! I would like to hear everyone's opinion before I tell a little story
    There is no "should" have.

    Most of us seem to have found our way to where we are now with the good fortune of being introduced and educated by other, already experienced people, whether through family and friends or military training or whatever. I would say anyone starting from scratch would be well advised to try and find some similar, safe, route into shooting but there is still no "should" have to it.

    So tell us the story... Please

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