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Thread: First Date Advice Needed!!!

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    First Date Advice Needed!!!

    Got a date on Saturday night, first one for nearly 2 years, so really nervous. Just wondered what the in thing was to talk about on a date these days? I have pictures of all the roe does's I shot last season to show her. She is a shepherd's daughter and likes the outdoors, so hope have lots in common.

    Who pays on a first date nowadays? I thought if I got the drinks we could half the food? Does that sound about right??

    Should I wear my good shirt, or will that seem a bit keen? She normally dresses really smart as at last year's dance after the clay shoot, she had on a really sexy ankle bracelet, all I can say is WOW!

    Any advice gratefully received & wish me luck guys!
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    If you wanna impress i'd offer to pay for the food as well (but being tight i'd allow her to go halves if she insisted).
    Wear clean pants.

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    1 treat her like a lady 2 crack one off before you go .3 good luck

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    Be yourself, women like funny guys so if you can be funny do so and pay for the whole bill!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Make her laugh and her knickers will fall off
    "Smoke me a kipper - i'll be back for breakfast"

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    just ask her if shes a game bird and if she says yes shoot her

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    I would put on your best togs - it's not about seeming keen - you should be! - but from her view if you can't scrub up for a first date, what are you like normally?
    As to what to talk about, try and ask open questions and get her to talk and you listen - pick neutral subjects, but focus on her - what does she really like? Making her feel important is a key part of making the date a success - BUT do it without agenda and without expectation. Show your interest by not rushing in to anything or expecting her to put up because you bought the meal (for example!) Conditional stuff doesn't work - and if you're as keen on her as you seem , then the long game has more benefits.

    As to the bill, we live in a modern world, but I would choose the chivalrous route and expect to pay - and only let her contribute if she absolutely insists. You can always go for the 'you can pay next time' if you're feeling cheeky and confident!
    Go tiger!

    Best of luck - and enjoy it just for an evening in the company of a fine lady. If you can do that, you're on to a winner - just mt tuppeny worth you understand....

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    Encourage her to talk about herself, make her the most important thing on the night, listen to everything she says and even though it might not be interesting, give her the impression you are, try and make her laugh and don't be stiff, well, not till later on

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