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Thread: S&B Zenith, 1.5-6x42

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    S&B Zenith, 1.5-6x42

    I am looking at getting one of these, does anyone know if the reticle is in the 1st or second focal plane? I can't seem to find any info on showing this..


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    The ones I know are in first focal plane. Fairly sure all Zenith's are.

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    I have one. First FP. They all are except the 1.1-4 which is SFP.

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    Definitely first focal plain
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    Thanks for the replies, anyone using the fd7 reticle? How do you find it?

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    Ive got this scope with a FD7 on the 9.3. I reckon it's a very good reticle. Having said that, my mate bought round his Sako Black Bear in 9.3 with a Zeiss Varipoint 1.5-6x42 the other day with a 60 Reticle. I reckon this scope has it over my S&B and that's where my money would go on a new scope.

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