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Thread: Double Barrelled Blaser Bling!!

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    Double Barrelled Blaser Bling!!

    stumbled across this!:

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    That looks awesome!
    Bet it costs an absolute fortune!!!
    "Smoke me a kipper - i'll be back for breakfast"

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    What a monstrosity. An excellent example of gross.

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    I think that might be the "Duo Hamed" model. I am a big fan of Blaser rifles but not of this one, IMO it looks hideous with dubious ergonomics! If I wanted a double rifle (and could afford it) I would get something decent like a Holland & Holland.atb Tim.

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    It is a Duo Hamed. I know someone who has one. I'm a huge Blaser fan but I cannot bring myself to like this.

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    I recently visited a rifle smith who was just building one, all the bits on the table, wow. I wouldn't want or need one though.

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