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Thread: How quick are your reactions?

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    Thats addictive! best average was 0.31
    .308, because if I want to watch something run away, I'll take my dog for a walk.

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    0.196 guess those computer games do have a use
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    0.166 - but interestingly 0.233 when the tv is on in the corner even if not consciously watching...

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    0.219 - will try again tonight to see how a drink affects my response. Good game though!

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    0.202, not bad for an old fart,

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    0.1686 rocking rabbit yeh baby

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    apparently a hangover is not good for reaction time!
    interestingly they all stopped in the same place at 0.28s!

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    ...rocketing rabbit????? my ex had something called that I think

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    0.166 - good job you don't have to aim!!!

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