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Thread: BSA CF2 Manual and Bolt Disassembly

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    BSA CF2 Manual and Bolt Disassembly

    Anybody have or know where to find a manual for this rifle? Or can explain to me how to take the bolt down to be cleaned?

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    FYI for those that own a BSA CF2. I was at my local gunsmith and he showed me how to take the bolt down. It's not too difficult.

    1) Turn the bolt shroud clockwise so it sits on the top of the bolt body, not in the notches. Do not over turn it or else you'll get stuck, just enough so it sits out of the 'cocked' groove. This will align the holes in the bolt shroud to the holes in the cocking piece of the firing pin assembly.

    2) Insert a thin punch through both holes and pull up and unscrew the assembly from the bolt body. Remove punch and bolt shroud will separate from firing pin assembly.

    3) Cocking indicator can be taken out of bolt shroud, careful as it is spring loaded.

    4) To remove firing pin from from spring/assembly, compress the firing pin spring, and slide the firing pin off. It is secured by a notch that allows it to slide into a mating surface on the spring guide. If you are familiar with the Swiss K31 rifles, it is the same concept.

    5) Completely disassembled bolt. Reverse these steps to reassemble.

    Hope that helps!
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    BSA CF2 Manual courtesy of BritHunter:

    Click image for larger version. 

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