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Thread: 7mm 08 load

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    7mm 08 load

    Hi guys and gals!
    I currently use a sako 75 st syn 7mm 08 through it i put nosler 140g ballistic silvertips with 47g of RL19 ,cci large rifle primers and fc brass.
    I shoot mainly red but some roe,
    Now i am happy with this load in that it certainly knocks the deer over but maybe it could be a little better i shoot average groups mostly around the 1" size , i would like to get cloverleaf if possible. Another reason to try another bullet load etc is just to try it as i have never used anything else.
    Does anybody have a load i could try that could suit my needs

    I would like to stick with 140g if possible

    I am not too bothered by carcass damage(i have been using b tips remember)

    I sometimes shoot out to 200 yards but mainly 50-100 in woodlands where i would like to drop the deer as soon as possible(i rarely head or neck shoot beasts)

    Thanks in advance


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    mark also have the sako 75 7mm 08
    the best i got with recent batches of homeloads
    around the one inch mark was R L 15 40 grains
    140 grn siera g king

    this may shoot a bit better for you as my barrel
    was shortened .

    all that has been blown out the water now though
    was starting to develop a flinch lack of confidence
    unmoderated so sent it off to my gunsmith he could also
    struggle to get any consistenency with it so has
    rebarrled re crowned moderated and ackley improved it
    and tells me its shooting single hole groups .
    its at the proof house due back this week
    looking forward to shooting it know let you know how it goes
    hope the above load data helps regards pete .

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    Mark, 1" isn't that bad. Maybe also check if the barrel is
    realy free floating under all shooting positions.
    Is the rifle pillar bedded?

    I know my rifles can shoot 1/4" but I am not always able to.
    Not easy to consitantly shoot under an inch anyway.


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    I ve just got my Sako 7-08 back with a LW barrel and some other bits on it, so it is time to develop a 'new' load for it.

    I couldnt seem to get a meaningful load of RL19 into the Norma cases without going to compressed loads , which I am not keen on doing. So made up some from the Nosler book 5, using H414, from 44 - 46.5 Gns under 140 Accubond, with Fed GM210 primers.

    All loads grouped under 1" , velocity from 2630 up to 2857 fps. The best load was the last one at just under .4" group at 100 metres. All bullets were seated .025" off the lands as a guesstimate for powder trial, maybe there are tunes to be played on the seating depth to further shrink the group, but that is getting to be about as good as I can shoot anyway most days.

    So, a couple of clicks to the left and that will be good to go.

    Any other ideas ?


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    tikka 260 nice informative post really helpfull
    got my 7 mm 08 back fri went out sat zeroing
    only got 150 grn factory at the minute
    its been ackley improved as well so blowing out the
    cases to load up the ackley round
    got an inch group which i was quite pleased with under the
    circumstances on returning home and mesureing the oal
    the factorys are seated back 125 thou off the lands
    gonna be using reloader 15 and h 414 as you have
    i think you have a nice set up and got some great results
    there ill let you know how the new loads go
    did you neck your lapua brass down from 308
    keep in touch regards pete .

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    260 you mentioned your barrel is a lw its looks a heavy
    barrel is it and what length is it

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    Excuse the delay in replying , I've been away for 10 days in the sunshine

    The brass I am using now is Norma 7-08 , which came from Midway UK, relatively expensive way to go, and I was using Lapua .308 necked down which is a good and probably less expensive solution, but with a .260 in the cabinet using Lapua 243 brass necked up, I wanted to get the 'right' headstamp on the caes and lessen the margin for possible operator error.

    I have now got some Nosler .260 brass, so the problem is solved both ways

    The barrel is a LW super magnum sporter, the number is 1450 fluted at the factory, 1:10 twist, with chamber cut to minimum SAMMI specifications. at 22" length from the bolt face. It seems to shoot fine, without being over heavy for a stalking rifle.

    Be sure to let us know how your load development goes , please .



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    double post ... whoops

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    Tikka, who build the 7/08? Is it a Chris Blacburn creation?

    Looks very good. Cerakote finish?

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    Sako built it originally as a 75 Finnlite. As it appears today, it was rebuilt and rehabilitated by "Dasherman" ( UKVarminting nick) and Kaleiderscope , who did the Duracoat job on the action/barrel. Someone else arranged the bolt fluting and supplied the replacement blank barrel.



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