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Thread: .300 cal bullet head for all species

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    .300 cal bullet head for all species

    Looking for advice on a .300 Heavy bullet head for all deer species, im about to start loading for my ultra mag with listed american data with the same barrel length of 26" and powder rl25 it gives a 200gn projectile driven at around 3150fps 180gn around 3250fps 150gn just short of 3400fps and 125gn over 3600fps.

    Im not going to bother with the latter two and concentrate on the 180's up, the rifle was bought firstly for big reds and maybe a bit of long range targeting and hopefully get a load that would be effective on the occasional roe if one appears without a lot of carcass damage.
    Went for a h/b sedero vs11 which has a fair bit of weight with a t8 magnum mod and by the time the rail scope bipod etc it should have tamed the recoil considerably (i hope )
    I got talking to a lad who uses this cal along with his mates for long distance reds over clear fell or the edge of forrestry mainly on an evening where they want them dead on the spot.
    Thier bullet of choice was berger vld's but when he showed me some pics there was too much damage for me, some of the exits were 6" + ! no doubt the beasts were instantly dead but it looked a bit excessive.

    My theory for what its worth was to get a really strong and heavy something bonded or big game head that would give me plenty of penertration to shoulder shoot the largest of reds and maybe not get as much expansion on smaller deer at these high velocitys but enough to clean kill without excessive damage.
    What do you think would such a hard bullet head just needle through a roe and not expand enough for a clean kill ?
    The only information i can find for terminal effects with the rum is for whitetails which are a fair bit bigger than our roe so any sound information would be helpful especially from anyone that uses a rum or simmilar . DF

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    180 grain Horny SST, you will certainly find mag performance with these bullets is stunning

    I use the 150gr sst's in my .308 on fox, roe, sika, and reds and in every respect the performance is great. Always punches through reds and the extra 30 grains of material at higher velocity will own any deer species here or over the water.

    I would slow the bullet to 3000 fps though for a smoother shot and optimum performance at normal ranges.
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    Thumbs up for 150gr SSTs I use these in my 30-06 and they are brilliant

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    Seems to be a very considered view of bullet choice for the RUM. The author places emphasise on sticking to heavier offerings and being considerate of the effect on bullet integrity caused by the added velocity at close range.



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    Makes good reading somene else posted it on the site before i think, looking at that i dont think sst's b tips normal hunting bullets are going to be much use close due to the velocity.

    As i thought premium bullets are probably the way forward for me . i can always try it on roe i would have thought there are plenty of roe shot with hard premium bullets out of .300win mags 7mmrem mags 30-06 .308 etc ? never used them myself in the .308 only b tips and sst's and sako hammerheads i think they called them. DF
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    I don't know if this helps you but...

    I've been shooting Nosler Partitions in my 308Win and have found that the front core seems to offer quite rapid expansion within the deer (sika) while the rear core always exits leaving a reasonable sized (i.e. 1 - 2 inches) exit hole. So far, based on limited experience, it is the only bullet I've used that will put a significant proportion of chest shot sika down where they stand. They usually run at least 50 yards.

    I believe they make them in the heavier weights and in view of their "dual function" design they might just do you job if the heavier ones are constructed in a similar manner to the 150 grain ones.

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    +1 for Caorach

    I have used 180gr and 200gr from muntjac up to plains game.
    This link should illustrate what Caorach is talking about:

    These are 180 partitions that were pulled out of a bule wildebeest. The middle bullet was recovered from the right side of the animal, in the skin just about 6-8 inches behind the rib cage, having entered through the front left shoulder. It was shot from a 30-06 at about 2700fps and as you can see it has performed as described above.

    If i were you i would certainly try the 200gr partitions, I know this is just an opionion, but i hope it helps.



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    Bob only 2 projectiles i would load and use in your .300 ( 1 ) Nosler Partition ( 2 ) Lapua Mega both ive used to shoot a goodly few Deer with in my .300 Win- Mag both on Muntjac Roe ( rib shot) done far far less damage than a Factory .243 as for your Red's the ones i am shooting are also BIG so far all the rib shot ones i have shot totterd a bit tried to walk then down also ( wait for incomimg ) if you are worried about your Reds running on both those projectile will exit both shoulders and placed right will drop them on the spot

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    Barnes TSX or TTSX, great bullets!

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    Have you considered these:-

    Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip


    Legendary Ballistic Tip Performance
    Lubalox Exterior Coating
    Defining Silver Polymer Tip
    Non-Moly Coating Which Allows More Shots Between Cleaning

    .30/.308 Cal 168 grains.

    The 180 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip is designed for larger species such and Wapiti (Elk). I witnessed a Whitetail Buck shot with a Sako L61R in .300 Win mag using this 180 Grain ballistic Tip at a range of less than 80 yards and there was no excessive damage.

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