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    Available now Stiller Precision Predator short 308 bolt face right bolt right port repeater, long mag bolt face, right bolt, right port,the latest version with one piece bole , pinned recoil lug pinned rail , sold with Rail.

    Also available Tac 300 308 bolt face, right port, right bolt repeater, again latest version with one piece bolt pinned recoil lug and rail sold with rail.

    I am also taking orders for the supply of barreled actions , either Tac or Predator actions , shillen select match barrels, Jewell trigger, threaded with thread protector.

    PM me for best price.

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    All pm's responded to.


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    In addition to the barrelled actions I can also supply complete rifles builds at very competitive pricing , also stocks bottom metal etc

    Prices of the complete rifles dependant on spec .

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    Any pictures?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitroexpress View Post
    Any pictures?!
    yes but file size to big for the forum , pm me your email and i will send them accros

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    can i buy a barrel blank through you

    im after a barytlein 6mm straight taper 1-7.5 twist 32 inches long cash waiting
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    I am currently thinking of a project rifle , the thought is to obtain a barrelled action, and to stock, bed etc myself.
    what calibres reamers do you have in 22 centre fire. possibly looking for a 22BR in 1 in 9 twist, this would need a long throat

    Regards Graham

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