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    hi there i was just wondering if anybody could tell me what norma 100grn soft points and winchester 100grn soft points are like in 243? my rifle is a t3 hunter. im curently using 100grn federal soft points in the powershock range which seem to group ok and work well on fallow and charlie but the last batch i got the very tips of the bullets were dented and quite rough would this affect accuracy much? and is there much between the 3 makes? cheers

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    Have used norma sp in 100gr pretty much on par with the federal range
    I know what you mean regarding the softpoints they do come out of the box a bit ragged at times ,even more so when they have been in and out of the magazine or chambered a couple of times , if they look too ragged I generally put them down the range with no obvious lack of accuracy over 100 yds . Only ever used Winchester in ballistic tip very accurate ,very expensive, and very violent.

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    I believe there was some testing done which indicated that damage to the tip of the bullet was pretty much of no significance in terms of accuracy but that damage to the bullet base was quite critical. With that in mind I wouldn't get too hung up on dings on the tip. I shoot the 150 grain Federals in my 308 and they go into an inch and anything shot with them dies which is pretty much all I could ask of them.

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    You could try federal fusion only 95 grains. No soft point (skived tip) ???

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    I moved from Federals to Norma as I couldn't get the Feds to group that tight in my Sako, plus as you say, the tips were bashed to bits and I wasn't convinced by the consistency - random selection from the last batch of Federals I had - note the varying depth that the bullet is seated. It might not make any difference in reality, but I just had a bit more confidence in something with more consistency.

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    thanks for your help chaps i may just try the norma as they are a bit cheaper. any info on the 100grn winchesters soft points would be good aswell cheers

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    i dont know about the 100gr winchester but i tried 80gr sp winchester throu my remi 7 and the groupt realy well at 100 yrds cheap as well 14 for 20 rounds

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