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Thread: Wet weather and roe kid mortality.

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    Wet weather and roe kid mortality.

    The current bad weather looks set to continue for a while yet. February and March were dry here, with less grass growth than most years, and now a lot of ground is too wet for silaging. Some kids will undoubtedly die due to the cold and wet, but might a higher % survive overall due to a late start to silaging?
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    I was just wondering about this yesterday, well the weather part.
    Cold and wet nothing stands a chance.

    Where are all the "global warming" experts now.
    Got loads to do and this bl**dy weather is driving me mad.

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    very interesting topic guys our seasons are really messed up i think the mortality rate with all our animals will be high this year early warm weather brings everything into season then a seriuos cold spell reaks havock. even the swallows that arrived a few weeks ago seem to have been fooled. massive number of rabbits about early warmth then a bit of cold seems to agree them .the cold keeping the mixy away i think a bumper year for rabits great ! great sport . and good eating keep me going until my next stalk . wish we had deer in north wales

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    I know one agricultural contractor in the area who reckons that his team can kill upto 100 roe kids during silage harvesting. He probably cuts 1000's acres, so that number could be plausible. A few weeks grace might reduce these losses dramatically.

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