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Thread: scoping in new reloads

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    scoping in new reloads

    a few weeks back i made up a few different load for hundred grain bullets,finaly got one that had good grouping.. Went today to scope them into my rifle as had used all my factory one up,thats where all my problems started.scoped them into my rifle but were firing all over the place they were up down left right, was pulling my hair out.then got 2 bullets close together and had to leave it at that as rifle was getting hot and scope wasn't clear for the heat haz ,so packed up and came home,when home went to put rifle away and found that my moderator was not screw on tight ,so i then gave it a couple of hour and went back to farm to do it all again,when i started again the rifle was firing 2" left so went to adjust then but forgot that had already took the caps off and started to turn turrets as if taking caps off so had to start all over again final got it scoped back on target and and scoped in i hope ,will now need to make more bullet as because of the amount i used over the day,whats worst is thats its the second time i've done it over the years,such an numty

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    Can I suggest that once the mod has been screwed down tight you put a dot on the mod and one on the barrel with Tipex or similar (as on fishing rods) which will give you a visual if the mod has moved

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