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Thread: Any help much appreciated

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    Any help much appreciated

    Hi I desparately need to replace the mounts on my BSA 6.5x55, but none of my local gunshops have been able to help. They fit onto 20mm Parker Hale dovetail rails. Have any of you guys out there got any ideas/contacts who might help or do I need to think about changing to something like the Leupold system?

    Many thanks


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    Looks like you`ll be making some phonecalls.

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    What model of BSA is it? Some of the later ones are the same profile as the Remington 700.

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    give the guy a ring at optic warehouse he sorted me with my bsa he was brilliant

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    How are you getting on

    If I mind rite , it's just the old parker hale type mounts, What diameter scope is it?
    Give me a shout if you are having probs, I might have some , somewhere????

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    Its the parker Hale type - which I think is 19mm?? more likely 3/4"

    I'm fairly sure Optics Warehouse do BSA mounts - they look a better quality than Parker Hale.

    Thinking about it I have CZ mounts on my BSA which are fairly recent and much better than PH - so they must be around somewhere? I think I got mine from Gregor McLeod in Tain.

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    Thanks for all your replies. After spending a couple of days phoning around and going nuts someone suggested I ring Norman Clarke Guns. A guy called Bill helped me out and has supplied me with weaver bases and millett rings. The service was brilliant and the price very reasonable, I'll certainly be using them again.

    Thanks again for your help


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