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Thread: Muddy with a Roe?????????????????

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    Muddy with a Roe?????????????????

    Texas Heart Shot

    I think this might be illegal???????????????


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    If not illeagal then certainly immoral!


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    any of the bigger species and he gets the step ladder out.

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    at least mine is not stuck to a bit of wood

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    both look like quality mounts

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    looks like the ruts on early.wheres my blooddddy call


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    Quote Originally Posted by 222cwd
    at least mine is not stuck to a bit of wood
    i know, i know
    it's the wood that normally sticks out
    hope your mum ain't looking
    as for the fact they are both bucks to
    not saying another word
    damn i'm in the brown stuff now

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    Is that the same stick they used to stuff that Roe Buck with Muddy ? as the look on its face seems to say it has been.

    Whichever taxidermist did the job on it, really should go back to school and practice Taxidermy that is without doubt one of the most badly mounted Roe Bucks I have ever seen

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    muddy with a roe??????????????????

    that roe deer has been going to country fairs for over 25 years .i am sure if you had been patted pushed and sat on as many times as that has you would,nt look that good .for 5 years it had over 5000 school children handle it when we helped do a country side day at Boughton house near was a good friend to the bds for many years. i would gladly get my old man to shoot one,if get it stuffed for me for free .then the next dog day we might have one that suits you.its a shame when some one who was not there insulted my deer it was only there to demonstrate shot placement,not look chic

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