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Thread: General Grabber TR experiences

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    General Grabber TR experiences

    I need new tires on my Terrano, size 235/65 R17. As this car is a rear weel traction on the road I like some good traction "on road" in wet and dry conditions.
    Good in the turns and when braking. I don't do heavy off road work, just woodland tracks, wet grasland, etc..... My previous car was a Kangoo 4x4 and this was a lot more sure "on road" in wet conditions. With the Terrano I have to be carefull when it's wet. How does the General Grabber TR perform, grip on and off road, noise on road, mileage, grip in snow,etc.......

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    I chose the General Grabber AT. Better when you need it off road or in bad weather. Not noisy on road.

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    We had the general grabber AT2's for the work hilux because we were told that you couldn't get BF Goodrich all terrain tyres in the size we were after (you can and as of last week it has them fitted but only because the at2's were out of tread).

    On the hilux they worked well and I couldn't fault them, they weren't loud on the road like some cheaper tyres we'd had before and worked well in all conditions off road. I'm not sure what mileage we got from them but they had a hard life on and off the road and did well.

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    I got a set of Grabber ATs about a week and put them on my Daihatsu Terios. Absolutely brilliant they seem to be a "go anywhere" tyre. I'm well pleased with them.

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    Used to have a lot of TR's on our landrovers as they were a factory fit at the time, and many new owners immediately changed them - hence a regular supply of virtually unused cheap tyres. They were basically acceptable - more road noise, less off-road performance, and a slight aquaplaning issue compared to AT's but wore well and as said, cheap. When landrover changed to another make, the supply dried up.

    I didn't realise they were still made but unless they have improved or are significantly cheaper, I would agree with the suggestions of Grabber AT's

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    As above Bfg A/T are the way to go

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    Grabber at2's just gone on mine and been tested a couple of times after all this rain.....haven't had to put in 4x4 yet...very impressed
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    I had the AT2s on my jeep and they were excellent whilst still being good on road.

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    Got AT2's on my Disco, excellent tyre on and off road, expected more noise on the road but really cant tell much difference at all.

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    No BF Goodrich T/A in this size and technical control is severe here. The 235/70R17 is not allowed as the circumference of the tire has more than 2% diffrence from the original tire. So it needs to be 235/65R17. Went out look for tires and big surprise. You don't realy choose, some makes have weeks of delivering time. BF do have a delivery time from about 3 months in certain sizes. Also thought about Toyo Open Country AT or HT. The general info you get is : If you want them in 3/5 days you buy what you can get. The grabber TR seems a bit less rough than the AT.

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