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Thread: Deerhunter gs11 jacket [kids]

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    Deerhunter gs11 jacket [kids]

    • Deertex Membrane = Waterproof & Windproof
    • Frontal bino pocket with button fastening flap
    • 2 Zipped front pockets
    • Elasticated wrists
    • Adjustable cuffs with drawstring for extra comfort
    • Peaked attached hood which rolls into neck
    • Mosquito net that folds into hidden neck pocket inside
    • Ideal for Deerstalking, shooting, walking the dogs and genral outdoor use.

    Bark Green or camo
    camo is kids size 7-8
    bark green is kids size 9-10

    cost is 21 delivered
    pm me if your interested
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    Any for aged 10-11??

    Cheers Bryan

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    PM sent for a 9-10 green.

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    the green will be ok for a 10-11 year old
    atb mark

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    My little lad is a huge 6 year old. The jacket arrived and is better than the one I thought.Full zip - he loves it. Many thanks.

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    thx mate hope it keeps him warm n dry
    atb mark

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    Found a few more if anyone is interested have 3x camo kids size 7-8 and one green kids size 9-10
    These are all the full zip models not the anoraks you see in the pics,but are still game stalker 11 jacket for kids
    pm me if your interested
    atb mark

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