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Thread: s&b scopes

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    s&b scopes

    Iam sure i have read somwhere before the only difference between the german s&b scopes and the hungarian ones is they are made in the two countries,is this correct? i have had a mate asking me the question tonight, only there is a fair difference in the price.
    regards Andy

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    As far as I know it's correct because labour costs are cheaper in Hungary. I have a 8x56 from Hungary and it's pretty good .
    The bloody prices have gone up one hell of a lot in 12 months, I only paid 410 last May they are well over 5oo now


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    I've both german and hungarian s&b's, no difference other than 's.

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    I bought a S&B 8x56 last year and asked a number of suppliers what the difference was before i got it. All of them said it was the same scope however the hungarian ones were made with cheaper labour hence the cheaper price. Needless to say i got the hungarian one and saved quite a bit.

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    thanks for clearing that up guys,i will let him know.i think he said an 8x56 hungarian was about 300 cheaper or thereabouts.

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    Tell your mate he needs a Hungarian 6x42 then point him towards the classified section But seriously I have tried both and can see no difference, only reason i'm swapping is I prefer vari power with a fine reticle.

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    Me too!! I've also been assured that they use the same components but labour is less expensive in the east hence the difference in price.

    It might be worth your mate considering a 2nd hand one, you can make a considerable saving and still get top notch glass. I paid about 250 for my S&B 8X56 and the way new prices are going I could probably still sell it for more than that.

    Macleods in Tain usually have a good turnover in 2nd hand stock and they get a good name, though I've never had any dealings with them myself.

    For a while there they had lots of S&B stuff but they don't seem to have so much right now, however if you can wait I'm sure that will change.

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    I'll second that vote for Macleods.

    I've done lots of business with them in the past and they are a very well stocked shop for stalking equipment.


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    I bought a German 8x56 S&B a few years before the Hungerian models came out . I have since compared it side by side to a comparable Hungerian model at last light, and I can't see any difference between the two.

    My understanding is the same aswhat others have already said ie they are identical scopes built in different factories from the same components and to the same specification. I believe the Hungerian scopes are then quality-checked a second time when they arrive in Germany prior to export.

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    The big difference between the two manufacturing plants is the Germans have a workers union that demand a minimum 7% pay rise per year and they get 10 days extra holiday.

    Buy German so their workers can go on a summer holiday each year!

    The scope components and glass are identicle.


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