Out yesterday with friends from happy times on Arran, On a flying visit with Mike & Myself, a mixed bag of range & chrony work, various vermin shooting with some quite outstanding terminal characteristics from J , followed by more concentrated efforts on some smallholdings heading towards our home beats, one particular place where three adult fox have been taken this last fortnight produced some frustrations!, after glassing for a while, some rumpus was heard from a pair of Crows, this was a first sign of trouble arriving, a few moments later out pops a Fox carrying a dead brancher,typical though, just outside the legal boundary for us, the Fox eventually re appeared further along this same boundary still carrying it's den supplies, giving us a cursory stare, it went out further from our remit, & over the skyline,twenty minutes or so later that blur of colour / movement that drags your eye onto the subject you search for kicks in, bins up & what a surprise,Fox, brancher in mouth, & well grown cub being teased, followed by a further three cubs!!......., I reckoned this must have been probably the first few steps out to the big world above ground, away from the earth that had been invisible to us previously, So the pressure will be high this next week! think Mike's going to be busy!!