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Thread: Harkila Prohunter Boots

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    Harkila Prohunter Boots


    Trying to locate a pair of Harkila Prohunter boots size 7.5 UK. Have tried all UK main stockists to no avail. Now advised that Harkila have no stock and these will not be available until July. Are there any SD Traders out there with stock available ?

    Many Thanks


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    Not sure which length you're after - I believe the 8 is actually a 7.5 as they come up a little small (and different suppliers list them in different ways?)?
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    got some from John Norris in Penrith I am a 7.5 got 8s great fit and comfortable from day one. 12inch and 10inch available.
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    HI john f . go for the reinforce ones thay are a bit more resiliant against brambles.

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    Hi Sinbad,
    Thanks for the info. Im just over size 7 so size 8 will be too large for me...even with 4 pairs of socks on !!,



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    Bought a pair of bg game in size 7 but they were just nipping my toes with thin im sure size 7.5 will be just nice.....if I can find a pair!



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    They dont have a 7.5 listed but worth giving them a call, i got mine from here, first class service and i got 25% off my next order......
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    Thanks to all for your assistance re Harkila boots size 7.5 UK. Finally got a pair thanks to the efforts of Shirley at Seeland UK, and Emma at Ardmoor ltd. Very greatful indeed to these lovely ladies....Great Customer Service

    John F

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