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    Foxpro Spitfire

    I recently bought a Foxpro Spitfire electronic caller from Stevienicknacks - excellent service from Steve, good price, quick delivery and a very helpful chap. Comes with an extra card of calls, too.
    Anyway, yesterday was the first opportunity I'd had to try the caller out, other than using it in the garden to wind up the local crows.
    It was early afternoon, wind NE, a little chilly, so I decided to go to the windward side of one of my farms and set up in a field where I had a good chance of seeing anything that responded to the calls. The caller was about 50 yds to my right, hung on a hedge crosswind. The three possible places where a fox could get into the field were in front of me and the hedge at my back has a new fence for about 150 yds and is pretty nigh foxproof.
    I started with fox distress, which is quite loud, for about 5 minutes, stirring up the local crows - the sheep weren't too keen on it, either. I then switched to dying jackrabbit for about the same time. Looking at my watch, I noted that I'd been there ten minutes and when I looked up a vixen had popped thro' the gap in the opposite hedge, just where I had assumed it would. An easy 60 yd chest shot, a short run and down. Youngish vixen, good dentition, possibly last years cub, no sign of suckling, so no dependent cubs to look for. As is usual with VMax, no sign of an entrance wound and no exit. Excellent result in only ten minutes of the caller's first outing. I stayed for a further 40 minutes or so, changing calls at intervals, but no more customers.
    Ever the optimist, I tried another two fields further away, the other end of the farm, but no luck there. So, as the Sun got closer to the tops of the hills the other side of the valley, the temperature dropped, it was home in time for dinner.
    Thank you, Stevienicknacks

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    Try the field mouse in distress call or the vole, both are exellent but i do find that they seem to work best at about the 15-20 sound level, any higher seems to un-nerve the fox


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    Got mine ordered with Stevie,

    Can't wait for it to arrive so i can give it a whirl.

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