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Thread: Thanks Devon Deer Stalker

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    Thanks Devon Deer Stalker

    I had booked with him for a few stalks on roe buck while stopping off with some family down in Devon,and after a six hour drive, a small fortune in red bull
    Richard picked me up from the bnb and we headed off onto his ground.
    Now he calmly said he’d been watching a buck in the cover crop we were about to stalk and he could be a poss bronze, and it was entirely up to me to shot or not.
    We’l with my heart skipping a beat slightly and a spring in my step we proceed to stalk.
    We spotted a roe in and among the cover, sadly a doe, and I think that was the omen for the day set, or maybe not.
    We proceeded to stalk a ‘very hilly’ area and again into a small new planted cover when, we bumped another very good buck, and that really made my heart beat quicker.
    Well, complete bad luck and we could not have gotten closer without shooting him, there was a doe still with him and she had no idea we were there.
    We stalked another area and again I hadn’t brought my lucky hat with me, we got in to another group of roe and sadly didn’t get the shot.
    Bright and early Saturday morning up at 4.30 saw me sneaking quietly out of the bnb, we headed to the same area were we saw the good buck yesterday.
    We made our way backtracking and spotted another roe in the middle of some silage, but again she was a doe, ********.
    Carried on, now the weather had turned, strong wind and raining not heavy but raining none the less, we carried on peeking around the corner then came the words that make your neck hears stand up, ‘there’s a buck there’
    We just peeked around the corner and he was off, don’t think he saw us just going on his way, another few second earlier and we could of had a shot, but a few second either way we would have never seen him.
    We moved slowly to where we saw him go into the cover, and there he was proud as punch, then ‘bark’ he was off,very alert and switched on.
    So back to the area where we spotted the buck and doe and started to stalk through a wooded area, when bounce, bounce a roe ran right in front of us.
    It was like a whippet and no clue as to sex, but never mind.
    I didn't get the shot but we managed to get close and personal on a few bucks and at the end of the day, that’s what makes you get up early and go back for more.
    Thanks Ritchard and I hope to see you again.

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    There's always another day. I think that sometimes the stalk is better than the kill. As long as you enjoyed the day , who cares about the statistical side of "How many" etc.

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    Thanks Gelert, and i agree Sprocket, it still got my adrenlin pumped, and i wasnt even going to shoot.
    Of course it also made a cracking sight seeing the barn owl out hunting, and the biggest fox on the neighbours field i had ever seen.
    See you soon Gelert for a return match.

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