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Thread: Nightvision from the US, Cheaper?

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    Nightvision from the US, Cheaper?

    I have been swithering with the idea of getting a nightvision scope in the UK for Rabbits and Fox. Recently my Uncle announced that he is getting married in the US at the end of Aug but unfortunatly I am away with work so wont be able to attend.

    This has lead me on to wondering as there is a few family members going over whether it would be possible to order item(s) to his fiances house and have someone take them back in there hold luggage for me. Does anyone have any experience of similar and if so have ou found any complications in the process and did it work out much cheaper? Rgds Gordon.

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    i think if you try to bring gen 3 back you could face 10 years in state pen . could be wrong!!

    atb steve

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    Most gen 2 and all gen 3 are governed by ITAR - International Traffic in similar rules/Law as buying a weapon in the US.

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    Sounds complicated might be safer just going for a plain scope and a few accessories slings etc.

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    gen 3 is illegal to buy but not own in the us work that one out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by death View Post
    gen 3 is illegal to buy but not own in the us work that one out!
    so in a nutshell then " hooray !!! its not only england that has stupid laws !!!!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by death View Post
    gen 3 is illegal to buy but not own in the us work that one out!
    Don't quite see how that works, I managed to buy one for a friend in the states.

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    I wouldnt advertise it they can still come a knocking and have done a few times people have had there doors removed from the hinges by military wanting there equipment back so mums the word

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    Gen III can be sold to civilians in the US (particularly Law Enforcement and Military, but I have seen some cheap "Gen III" stuff for sale to plain jane civilians), but can not be taken out of the US. Gen IV is for Government military only (not sales to military personnel buying it for themselves) and definitely can not be taken out of the US. Period. IF you've looked through the Gen IV stuff, you'd understand why (hybrid IR/thermal technology).

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    Yup Illegal to take out of the states. Pity as EVERYTHING is much cheaper than this rip off country. Except german glass, they world price to make sure everbody gets ripped off the same !

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