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Thread: BSA CF 2 in .270(16 rounds fired)

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    BSA CF 2 in .270(16 rounds fired)

    Swap my BSA cf2 in 270 for a nice .243 ,as I have nothing bigger than roe to go at and a .270 seems a bit too harsh for foxing.Any interest please pm me.Already have a free slot for a .243.
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    Anything considered or will consider a sensible offer around 450 for rifle,base rail,30 mm hilver rings,1" hilver rings and some 150g softpoints(sub 1" with these)so I can fund a .243.
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    Last bump lads ,before I get it screw cut (something I don't really want to do,to such a nice classic rifle) and buy a mod and some 110g Vmax.

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    Cant believe it 180 views and not one offer(silly or otherwise) maybe it's the cal,or the price or maybe even the rifle itself,come on lads I would appreciate a bit of help with this,it's open to offers.
    Cheers Jase.

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    I believe you should stick with the .270.

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    You carnt beat a 270 for roe and foxing pal its a great round i love my 270 i think my 7mm rem mag is over kill but at least your doing it humainly

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    I've seen a nice .243 now so 400 for rifle ,base rail,1" rings 30mm rings and ammo ,if face to face

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    350 this is the lowest I'll go I'm losing enough as it is,but I've seen batterd old ones go for more than this with no rings oh and I've just counted my ammo and it's fired 13 rounds from new and not 16 as stated
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    First to come with 300 gets it, I need it gone.

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