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    Two Friends

    Its is real nice in this cut throat sport of ours when you meat people willing to sacrifices opportunity for there friends. This happened over this weekend. Trev came up with his pal Dave. I met Trev few years through a mutual friend and a decent chap he is. Anyway an opportunity arose this weekend and Trev declined and asked if i would help his friend Dave the full weekend. Any way his friend took a nice wee buck and trev was delighted for him. Then just at the last offerings trev took what can only be described as a special buck and definitely deserving of a chap who gave his opportunity away. Eastkilbride has now produced a medal.

    Daves wee six

    Trevs Big lad



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    met both of them and they are both nice chaps glad they had some luck

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    Hi 6 Pointer,
    I lived in East Kilbride from 1955 until 1995 before moving to England. I shot my first deer near Auldhouse. Fond memories of the area and now producing quality bucks as seen in the photo - a beauty. I would be interested to hear roughly where is was shot.

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    Back of stuartfield a new area backing onto cathkin

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    Well done Davie, the big boys summer coat is nearly through already.

    ATB wallace

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    Davey thanks for kind words and a cracking weekend,both myself and Dave realy enjoyed ourselves,the fact we both shot a beast was a bonus the ground youve got is something special the scenery does take some beating.The number of deer we saw can only help Dave with his experiance in stalking. Also id like to thank Lorraine for smashing breakfast and look forward in seeing head of beast when you send it Trevor

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    Couple of cracking bucks there - well done!
    Looks/sounds like you had a cracking time!!

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    I love a happy ending! Well done to you both.

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