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Thread: Absolutely outrageous!!!

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    Absolutely outrageous!!!

    I was looking at the costs of venison cuts online this evening to sort my own prices out and noticed that a company was selling roe deer loins at 109.09/kg I almost spat my wine all over the laptop.

    I appreciate that venison is tasty but do people actually pay this much!

    ps if you are reading this and you think that is a reasonable price to pay for venison please get in touch

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    Thats about right for a posh butchers. After you have taken off all the cost involved to get it there they then have to take their own profit. Complete fallow saddles go to france from game dealers for about 80-90 then the butchers will have to add their mark up.

    ....this was a couple of years ago. Prices may have changed.

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    f==kin ell ive given a small fortune in venison

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    26:50 / kg is what I used to sell it for when I was game dealing

    109/ kg problem is there are numpties out there who will pay it, which in turn pushes prices up for everyone and encourages poaching.

    From Donald Russell's point of view, they are in business to make money, so if they can get that sort of money for it they must be laughing!!!!

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    Red deer fillet at over 80 a kilo !! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA amazing to think he manages to sell it as well

    Marketing eh??

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    must be people out there that buy it

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    Ill do it for 10 a kilo , pick your own !

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    Waitrose, small British venison steak (no species stated) was 5.62 for .109kg in Jan this year.
    EDIT: Just done the maths (not my strong suit) that is over 50 a kg

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    Yes 109.09/kg is just about right. Now David just remember that when working out the price for the two I gave you last night. LOL

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    Dave i have two here will let you have them for 160 a pound now that is a deal and should off set the work you need to put into a carcase lol.

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