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Thread: Fire Takes Everything

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    Fire Takes Everything

    I was away watching one of my boys playing in a rugby tour over the weekend in Southport and was having a great time until the phone went at 7.45am yesterday. My mate was in tears and was just able to tell me that his fishing lodge at his trout fishery had been burnt to the ground. the lodge is a Scandinavian log cabin and is actually a house for use by the members at the fishery. It sits in a remote location a mile or so away from the nearest back road.

    All the fishing tackle stored in it has gone as well. Including 3 rods and reels of mine. That however is not the worst of it. His huge trout fishing bag was there and it contained every single piece of kit he owns and has been built up over 40 years of fishing. There would have been over 5000 flies in it, 10 reels or so including some left to him by his grandfather.

    In total there was probably 30 rods and reels, 4 outboard electric engines, a brand new Yamaha petrol engine, literally tens of thousands of flies and pike lures, spools of braided line, nylon, binoculars, clothing, waders, original pieces of fishing artwork, a cast of his biggest barracuda from Florida, Sika stag heads and the thing he mentioned first was his sons catch and release sailfish certificate he earned when only 13. There was also over 100 bottles of malt Whisky upstairs in a wee lounge area, mainly gifts from the members on each opening day.

    The insurance will obviously cover it but the lodge and it's contents were his life.

    The fire service and police are still trying to establish if it was started deliberately. The power is off a generator so it is difficult to grasp how it could have started any other way but originally thought it may have been started at the front door. The onlybheatsource inside is a log burning stove which had been on the previous day but the fire started at 0630 the following morning.

    The lodge is remote but there are 2 gamekeepers and a farmer on the estate so always someone on the go. The problem he has is the loch is a popular place for walkers to go by and he often has to chase them off his veranda having their sandwiches! He is also plagued with them askingbtonuse the toilet, and setting up camp on his lawn and car park. he has chased poachers, who more often than not are Polish, who claim they did not know it was private. Sometimes his patience gets the better of him and the politeness in asking them to leave is not there, after 30 years of grief from them. He is now wondering if someone he has upset has returned to do this.

    You can see the lodge and where it sits on his site, Portmore Private Fishing Syndicate

    I have not been up to see it yet but it is now apparantly just a pile of black ash.

    Anyway, I hope he does not walk away from it all now which is what he is threatening to do. His dad had it before him and he broke down in tears when he heard the news after 30 years in the family.

    Edited to add:
    I just clicked on that link just now to look at the lodge and incredible to think how many hours and days we have spent on its steps drinking coffee and putting the world to rights, and now gone...

    He says even if it is rebuilt every night thereafter he will lie in his bed worrying it will happen again. You can see how it was and how passionate he is about the place in the video clip.
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    Brian that is a f ecking shame mate and i am sure his reaction is that of a broken man .But in a few weeks he will pick him self up and get on with it.

    ( mans ability to laugh in the face of adversity )

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    That really sucks! And the sad truth is there is probably some really sick mong out there who is really proud of his achievement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Brian that is a f ecking shame mate and i am sure his reaction is that of a broken man .But in a few weeks he will pick him self up and get on with it.

    ( mans ability to laugh in the face of adversity )
    I know mate. I lost very little in comparison although not cheap kit. In factone of my reels was an original Loop. he was upset about that reel for my sake and the truth of the matter is I couldn't have cared less compared to what he is going through.

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    So sorry to hear that. But as 6 pointer said all being well he can come to terms and be able to move forward.
    Such a shame with all the memories, but as with most of these things it was a good job nobody was hurt.

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    As Nick100 said at least nobody was hurt. Sorry to hear about all the gear lost and of course the lodge. Hope he can get something together and continue.

    Best luck

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    Bugger,tell him to get to work rebuilding the new one,it's stood for 30 years I'm sure the new one will as well,if some scumbag has torched it Karma will bite their arse,what goes around comes around
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    Fire is a terrible thing that destroys no just property but hopes, dreams and in this case memorabilia too. The location and lodge look absolutely wonderful. If I ever won the lottery or was unexpectedly rediscovered by a immensely rich long lost Australian uncle that is the sort of paradise that I would want to own or at least be a part of. Having served in the fire service or been associated with the fire protection industry for over 34 years I have seen many homes and properties destroyed, and at the time irrespective of how humble the home was I have nearly always felt for the property owner. Properties can always be rebuilt but lives can’t so we should be very grateful that nobody was injured. Your friend still has the scenery and location and I am sure that in six months time when the lodge is rebuilt he will not feel quite so down in the dumps when sitting on the veranda exchanging jokes with friends over a wee dram. If it was malicious ignition I hope the scotes are caught and brought before the courts, because in recent years they have been quite rightly handing out reasonable sentences to such vermin.
    Just remember that fond memories can never be taken away from you.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    The fire has not taken everything, he has the people like you around him who built the fishing lodge and venue into what it still is. It can be replaced and rebuilt. Yes some items that cannot be replaced have been lost but you along with his other friends and family will hopefully be able to get him to deal with that and start again with the attitude that he will not be beaten. In the disasters world wide we see people who really have lost everything. Homes and the deaths of relatives. The memories of the burnt out lodge are still there, the lodge can be replaced along with most of the content. I wish your mate, you and all the syndicate all the best for the new Portmore Fishing Lodge and the memories it will bring.

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    Bloody hell
    As I read that I was almost in tears
    Such a shame
    I'm not sure which would be worse..... It being an accident or the work of some scumbag
    Would also be a shame not to rebuild but can totally understand if he did not
    A great loss indeed

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